What is your favorite 20th-century musician/band?

  • Elvis Presley, The King of Rock
  • Queen, The Queen of Rock
  • Michael Jackson, The King of Pop
  • The Beatles, That One Band That People Know About Despite Not Listening to Their Music
  • The Rolling Stones, The Hardcore Version of The Beatles
  • Led Zeppelin, The Biggest Band of the 70’s
  • Paul Whiteman, The King of Jazz
  • Something Else (post in replies)
  • Lmfao who even listens to these senile amateurs anymore, the future is now you poor old men

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daft punk

you ever heard of Toto

Elvis was and still is a music icon and he has some decent songs but I don’t think his music is the type I would willingly listen to in my free time

would’ve expected Rolling Stones to be a lot higher

Queen is a band I listen to often