What is your height and weight?

Just curious, I’m 173cm (5’8") and around 50kg (110lbs) (also I’m 15)

I could tell you but I don’t feel like it. Matter of fact, you probably can’t even see this message, unless you quoted it but I doubt you thought of that. You probably just think this message is invisible. Pathetic.
Ended up having to make it a tad bigger since you couldn’t even quote it

5’2 and weight heavy as hell

6’0 and weigh 138 pounds

Omg, child predator

Somewhere around 182cm (~6 leg hands in freedom units) with 74kg (that’s ~163 British monies in freedom units).

6’1 weigh 180 pounds (im 14 btw)

My god these people with their six foot at age fourteen the asian genes hitting me to hard

im about 160 cm and 50 kg

might be 48

i think im a bit taller than 160,actually

ill check back and let yall know

about 5’3 feet tall and 80 kg i think? idk haven’t check in awhile.

(ya’ll are tall ._.)

prolly like 6 ounces, and like 3 inches high idk.

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wowie some tall people here, I’m 169 cm (~5’7") and 63 kg (~138 lbs), and definitely done growing lmao

shorty haha

average burgrs are like 2 inches so actualy im quite tall idiot

uhh i guess i could answer:
Height: 5:2 (I have Scoliosis ;-; )
Weight: 94 lbs
(I’m 14)

Ok, SORRY, crappy patty

Height: 175cm (pretty good especially the fact that the country I’m from has the world’s shortest average, at least for males.)

Weight: 69kg (I’ve been working out quite a lot recently)

5’9 and 187, ngl not what I expected to see on the WOM forums…

dunno, i think i’m your height

5’11" 149. My heaviest was 169 before I started working out