What is your opinion comparing DeepWoken's Synapse Exploiters and World of Magic's Exploiters?

So tell me your Opinion here

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i dont play midwoken but wom exploits arent very amazing so midwoken exploiters probably are sweatier

wom exploiters just nab a one shot killaura script and stand in coli while i can imagine midwoken exploiters just wipe people in the depths with some special midwoken script or smth

Reasons why AO is worth investing than DeepWoken^^

plus less stress

I can fuck up those exploiters and make them lose money since there IQ is lower than 0

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WoM exploiters are in one of 3 categories

Harmless speedy bois (also includes bad players w/ teleports).
Farmers (boss and sunken)
and kill aura enthusiasts

I haven’t seen much, if any at all, of the last one but apparently they exist somewhere. Farmers, while they don’t interfere with me personally, can, as Sam O’Nella says, “eat shit and die”. The last and most harmless bunch are the teleporty bois who kinda do nothing. Don’t really mind them, fun to kill though since they’re typically terrible at PvP but talk all kinds of shit


Midwoken and World of Midgic exploiters need to take showers

I would say the people who made Deepwoken’s exploits really went all out. They have chat logs, inventory logs, logs for literally EVERYTHING. They were able to get notifications on when someone picks up an enchanted weapon, and then use the classic fly/no clip/tp script to slowly agonize them.

Some exploiters in Deepwoken are kinda helpful though in mysterious ways. A friend of mine had an exploiter while he was farming the Depths, and he kinda just protected everyone in the server from mobs and other players, and everyone in the server didn’t bother to kill each other under the threat of being wiped by said exploiter.

Comparing to WoM, where most people seem to exploit for selfish needs and are just straight up annoying. Either way, exploiters can go die in a hole, although the people that make the scripts are undoubtedly quite smart and experienced.


WoM too dead for crazy exploits


Because of the lack of permadeath, WoM has a lot fewer consequences if you get killaura’ed.

don’t know much about midwoken, but wom exploiters interfere with my boss farming sometimes, not much else though

Dw exploiters are crazier than WoM ones

One time i was boss farming on my old magma file and I had a run in with an exploiter. I was just fighting mino, but somebody with a mino-killaura script sneezed on mino and killed him. Then he walked up to me and just stared. Then the next thing that happened was funny as shit. We just stared at each other for a second, then I used a quad and he died. I reported him to one of the mods and he got banned

The wom hackers I found are much harder to find but Way more deadly for example. My friend was once fighting the min when a hacker came in and kept on giving it hp by making account faster then any human could and they would fly to summerhold. That min was 150k hp and later so man told my friend that had to also fight an exiled 175k. And now deepwoken hackers. There everywhere like it’s not funny how many u see in the depths or at erisa like there’s a lot. They Can fly and have auto parry super speed such and such but atleast u can defend your self with like a mantra and if your good enough killed them. There always usually lvl 1 as well so they don’t have much hp. With wom they can one shot u. One did 5000 damage to me. And my friend said one did 5m damage which uh overkill a bit. The difference between deepwoken hackers and wom hackers is because of how common deepwokens are and how rare world of magics are. But world of magic does have a worst case


didn’t play midwoken enough to encounter an exploiter, but there was a wom exploiter that was speeding around dealing inhuman damage to me while they were level 45 (seriously they were dealing like 300+ damage quads while moving)
they tried to get me to give them wizard armor, they could’ve just asked and gotten it for free.

ngl midwoken exploing was way worse you wana know cos it has feautures to exploit as vetex said himself world of midgic wasnt that impresive and was for money and as their wasnt alot of features their wasnt alot to exploit :person_shrugging:

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Deepwoken exploiters way worse ngl, atleast in WoM the only tragic things that happen when you die is that you loose crowns and a treasure chart (if you have one), in DW if an exploiter kills you well just hope that you aren’t in the depths :skull:

Also DW has way more closet exploiters I’m pretty sure so they are more annoying to catch and deal with

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hackers be like:
actual hacker

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one time i was getting ganked by two members in this edgelord guild, they were using tp hacks and whenever i got them low they just tp’ed away. Thing is, i couldve absolutely destroyed them if they just didnt tp away. I absolutely hate these types of people and i hope they all step on legos

Fr tho. Closet Deepwoken exploiters are truly winning, so long as they don’t get caught. I’ve seen exploits that can auto-train stats like intelligence and charisma since you get a lot of passive exp from the books. So you can get your desired stat easily, and also exploiters probably cheese the shit out of Trial of One too for those benefits.

true :skull:

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