What is your opinion on acid?

I find acid extremely useful because the 25% more damage from bleed can make a huge difference in combat. Not to mention the puddles.
I find myself doing 200+ damage with 20% blast attacks when bleed is applied.

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Acid is Perfect (I am not an Acid user, but my experience I have seen it work well!)

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basically a spicy water

bursting water*

I’ve found it pretty easy to evade puddles but other than that acid is pretty good. I would say it’s up there with plasma and fire.

Its better than fire and plasma

Well a con about it is heat based magic can stop bleeding immediately when they are charging, but not people know/read the hint about this so it’s okay.

Tbh that feature is going to ruin a lot of magics in pvp once we get second magic and combos exist.
Imagine having the epic op water + ice + gold combo for haha epic freeze except oh no they can just charge for a quarter second to remove the debuff.

Or how about just paper/glass alone?
They rely a large amount on stacking bleed but some players can just stop the bleeding immediately with a tap of the charge button.

I think it only happens once you hit max energy, the point where your magic energy erupts.

If so then that’s perfectly fine.

If thats not the case, it would be a good idea to add something to prevent you just tapping the charge button and remove bleed.
Maybe a 1 or 1.5 second threshold to remove effects?
You have alot of time to rack up a hit on the person charging, which can work as a way to punish people that attempt to remove bleed/effects.

very good at crowd control imo. it’s going to be my second magic

Yup, that’s exactly how it works. You have to charge for 1 second (I believe) to get rid of the effect that your magic is supposedly able to remove.

Acid is good, but the damage is equal to any other magics.
Only ash/poison/gold/wood have different damage.
ash/poison deals 80 less damage, the max damage with full power for normal magic is 200- 240.
For ash/poison is 120-160 plus clouds that don’t do much damage tho.
For gold/wood the max damage is 280-310, since they only give bleeding effect, unfortunately you’re easily beaten bc both magics are slow and anyone can perfect block with a shield.
wood is a bit faster than gold, meaning it’s far stronger.

About the combos one, It’s not really they can charge to remove freezing/frozen effect, the only thing their charge can do is to stop bleeding

About the combos one, It’s not really they can charge to remove freezing/frozen effect, the only thing their charge can do is to stop bleeding

And well, when they are charging they leave they open so that’s another opportunity

Being able to instantly stop bleeding can be a pretty big deal, especially if it’s like, vs a poison user.
Poison users already have to deal with their clouds getting converted by heat based magics, now imagine not being able to benefit from the big damage boost bleed gives because haha charge button stop bleeding

But the enemy has to be leave open for 2 seconds which is ok?

Please don’t take acid it’s not good for your health