What is your personal ranking of the fighting styles

  1. Sailor. Its good in practically every aspect. Huge size, good speed, high damage, good synergy. The water bar isnt that big of an issue to me and Sailor alone is good, but paired with magic or weapons makes it even more cracked. Sailords deal enormous damage and Sailor’s soaked effects work well with many magics.

  2. Thermo. Im probably gonna get killed for this. Im a huge fan of Thermo for its speed. The size and heat bar are definitely an issue but for someone with an aggresive playstyle like me its just very good.

  3. Basic. Its… very basic. Jack of all trades, master of now. I feel like Sailor is a better option, but Basic is just a solid style. Its kinda bad on its own but ive seen basic warlords being kinda cracked.

  4. Iron Leg. A very tedious style. It deals the highest raw damage, but extremely slow. If ur oppoment runs 2000 agility ur gonna have a problem. Its fine both on its own and with imbue. Also the size is funni.

  5. Boxing. It just sucks. Slow size, mid speed, those terrible looking gloves that you can never take off, and not a very good imbuement. The blocking bonus is fine but boxing is just nothing special.

  6. Cannon fist. The most impractical fighting style. Only used for throwing balls.

1 Cfist, range everything, literally a portable canon, dont see why not
2 basic, basic is canonically best
3 boxing, yes it has lost 1/3rd of its blocking power (from 0.15 to 0.1) but with 5% blocking power from golden apples and a parry still reduces damage by 90%
4 iron leg, leg day everyday
5 thermo and sailors, dont like those bars that yopu have to keep up

1 basic combat, does everything pretty well, has one of the highest fs damages without any other stat sacrifices

2 iron leg, big damage, big size, low speed doesn’t really matter much

3 sailor, it has good damage and huge size, and the resource bar isn’t too difficult to uphold, also good synergies which don’t change much how you use it (unlike thermo where imbuing it with a slow magic literally makes it worthless)

4 cannonfist, basically long range magic m1, but uses an annoying resource to use (please vetex, add cannonballs back to treasure chests). it’s satisfying if you hit someone with heavy grapeshot rushdown, but does very low damage compared to other fighting styles.

5 boxing. ah yes, a great idea to make you knock players back on a short ranged way of fighting. the speed is okay, considering it doesn’t have a resource bar, and it’s size is decent-ish. the gloves look ugly, and it’s bad for imbuing, except if you want to go wind+boxing

6 thermo
it has a stupid resource bar which drains way too quickly, bad size and mediocre damage
basically becomes useless if you imbue it with a slow magic
the speed is okay, but if you really want speed just become a light mage

  1. sailor fist - water
  2. boxing - air
  3. iron leg - metal
  4. basic combat - nothing but at least it’s not heat
  5. cannon fist - explosion
  6. thermo fist - fire

i just rank them based on my magic rankings

  1. Sailor Fist. If you can maintain your bar then the style is effectively a direct upgrade to basic combat. The style also comes with several synergies allowing a decent bit of build variety.
  2. Iron Leg. Big damage and big size if you can handle the slow attack speed. Plus, every hit procs bleed so you get even more damage on top of your already high damage.
  3. Basic Combat. All around good stats allowing the style to be viable on any build. The only notable drawback is the lack of synergies.
  4. Boxing. I’m going to be completely honest, most people just use this style for its passive and reflex. Sure the attack speed is good but the knockback can end up doing more harm than good in combat.
  5. Cannon Fist. This style suffers the same issue guns did prior to the ammo removal. Seriously, this style somehow deals less damage than basic unless you’re using the rarer cannonballs.
  6. Thermo Fist. I understand the playstyle is all about being overly aggressive, but losing 50% or more of your heat off of one miss is very annoying. The seared status makes it like a faster variant of iron leg but that’s only praise I can give it.

Sailor, Thermo, Iron Leg, and Boxing are all trash and should be removed.
Basic Combat and Cannon Fist are utter perfection and should be worshipped.

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Basic is the best in my opinion. The stats are good and the simple look is normally quite nice. I don’t particularly care for the others, although sailor can look cool at times.

Iron leg because if you have the funny long legs thing then you can be a lanky MF with long legs and kick people which is funny

so yall saying i totally shouldnt run Cfist as 1st style and thermo as 2nd…