What is your weapon of choice during a fight?

A wild mugger (me) appeared!

You somehow have an arsenal in your backpack filled with all sorts of military-grade weaponry!

What should you do?

Choose any weapon from any era, could be a bronze spear or flintlock pistol or automatic shotgun. However, to make it balanced your opponent (which is me, in this case) will have something similar to whatever you pick. That way there’s no “bringing a gun to a swordfight” or anything.

I’ll do my best to respond quickly


I have no way of knowing if you are skilled or not with a spear but I have some fairly basic knowledge which not many seem to have. Could hopefully stab you in the gut assuming you dont know how to react to a parry.

Martini-Henry Breech-Loading 1878 Rifle, Used in the Zulu War
Greener Breech-Loading Prison Shotgun
FN FAL with no attachments, semi, Used in the Rhodesian Bush War

I pull out a shortsword and fight both defensively and offensively, trying to close the distance while blocking your attacks. However, you recognize what I’m trying to do and attempt to reverse while keeping me at bay. Good job, you’ve impaled me once and I die from exsanguination

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All in the footwork. Oh and also not letting a sword slice right into me.

Model 1878:
I use the Model 1893 Winchester pump-action shotgun, which allows me to fire successive shots compared to your single bullet. However, shotguns use pellets which means they damage an opponent in multiple areas, instead of consolidating all their force into one choke point. Your rifle is able to put a single-well aimed bullet into my lung, I die after going into shock but you also die from blood loss.
Breech-Loading Prison Shotgun:
I use the M1917 Trench Gun and both of us eat a shell from each other. Either of us are incapacitated but Im still able to pump another shell into the chamber and shoot you again.
I use the HK417 but the recoil causes me to miss every shot in the magazine. On the other hand, you practice good trigger discipline and fire in controlled bursts. I die from severe brain trauma.

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I’m using a Bombardier Beetle to explode your ass

I use a Bumblebee but neither of them want anything to do with each other. Battle ends in a draw

I squish the Bombardier Beetle’s abdomen lightly, provoking it into spraying a hot mixture onto your face and severely burning it. Your bumblebee flies out of your hand and stings you before ripping itself apart in an attempt to escape.

Now I’m mugging you, bitch

goddamit, Pokemon in real life doesnt work

nah, but Bombardier Beetle real :sunglasses:

I’m using All Fiction.

Wooden shield.

I use a hand axe to take advantage of your inability to counterattack. I slowly chip away at your shield with constant blows until I start striking flesh instead of wood.

Jokes on you your axe gets stuck on the shield and then we start throwing fists after I throw it away.

I use the power of the Reality Stone from the MCU to counter, but since All Fiction is capable of molding reality, I fade into darkness

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I’d bring out nothing, my taekwondo is good enough.

Jesus Christ :skull:

I counter with capoeira and I get it the shit kicked out of me because I only took 2 capoeira classes