What kind of building structures do you guys want to see in WoM?

Since vikings and their viking ships are confirmed to be in the game and are going to have their own location, I hope we get to see some old nordic fortresses or viking homes like these:

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Caves where people live in I guess.

I want massive towers that you can raid

oooh having caves would be nice. there could be bandits or bears like something out of skyrim

I want there to be cottages where you can find random settlers. Like hermits who just live how they want to live without the influence of a mayor or king or the magic council. That’d be pretty cool. Perhaps they could stay spawned until someone destroys the cottage.

I’d also like to see archaeology sites where a group of archaeologists are searching for different artifacts that could lead to better understanding Magius. Unlike the AA world, where everything was essentially tied to Mainland’s history, Magius is virtually unexplored territory in every way. It was created by the Peacekeeper, but it has very very very old remnants from the War Ages (most notably the statues with ancient text on them). I can definitely see a huge focus on people trying to discover more about history.

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If there’s one structure I want to see it would be a citadel in a capital city (Anor Londo style). I think there are plans for one in the Alvarian capital, if so I’m looking forward to that

looks nice. In general I wish for diversity, but it doesn’t look too hopeful right now

if the things on the trello are actually going to happen, like the fuedal-japanese style cities that are supposed to be added for the keihatsu culture, then we can hope there’s gonna be some diversity in the game in terms of buildings

Imagine a system of interconnected caves that all lead to a giant cavern that acts as a community center where people walk around. The caves connected to the cavern will lead to houses, stores, and other buildings.

it would be nice having a whole town or community that is made for and built by outlaws so people with negative rep have somewhere to hide and to actually sell and buy stuff. and i think a cave would be a nice fit for outlaws

Yeah a bad place for rep would be great. I’m also imaging something like an “underground” arena where you can rise through the ranks and become a champion.

I don’t really have anything in mind so I just expect a massive fortress in the North or sumthin’

like a gladiator pit? holy shit i kinda want an underground death pit arena to earn fame and glory in WoM now

yeah, we really do need an area that is the place to go if you want to pvp
a ranking/matchmaking system could also allow for actual organized pvp

Exactly! That’s what I mean and to me it would be so cool

I wanted to see fortress inside caves, underground hideouts, sky villages, factory, laboratory, dungeons, kidnap house.

lmfao i would love to see a mal-inspired kidnap house in the game

It would be cool if we had like a dwarf or halfling race in WoM
so we can have Hobbit Homes

An underground area for bad reps would be a great place. It would be hidden and you need to solve a puzzle to enter.

perhaps something like a gravestone and a basement-ish floor under it for bad reps, and you can get in through a series of steps or being a bad rep yourself