What kind of effect does lightning do in pvp? how can it be used as advantage? any tips?

Cause I found while fire does burning dmg and glass do bleeding etc, lightning do nothing in PVP.

Am I wrong? What’s the speciality of lightning and how can one improve lightning user PVP skills.

Doesn’t it stun for a couple of seconds if you do a 1/3 of the enemies max health in a single hit?

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If you have a full glass cannon build, you might be able to paralyze another player. You’d have to be dealing over 1/3 of the enemies health for it to paralyze, which would be tough. Lighting really shines in PVE where enemies have like ~300 health

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ok does that mean that in order for stun to work, I have to go full power set?

durga basically said what i would

thx for the tip. Maybe I will go for glass cannon

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In pvp it shines with doing many attacks quickly, so a better way to use it would be with power and casting speed to basically turn it into a glass chain gun.

Trust me, glass cannon on lightning is a no go. Never go for paralyze in a pvp fight. Its impossible atm. Better to run balanced stats like +73 power and +183 def

what amount of health do you think is enough to be “balanced” and not too “glass”

600 health is always solid. That needs around 250 def

600 HP only needs like 150 defense. And then you have enough freedom to put a ton into power.