What languages do you know?

I’m curious to see what types of languages people on the forums speak. Of course English is one for certain, but what other languages do people here know.

For me, English is my first language. I know about an Intermediate level in Spanish and I’m currently learning Japanese that I am definitely not learning for anime purposes… okay maybe I am

What other languages do you guys speak?


Sim, eu sei ingles
Por que pergunta?

I know a little bit of Japanese, some kanji, basic grammer stuff and that Japanese is a pain to learn.

other than that I’m good at speaking English. ( not so great at grammer though, especially when it comes to " , vs ; " lol )

well, i can speak spanish, english, a bit of portugues, a bit of japanese, and i can also say bounjour.

Wee Wee baguette croissant

English and I’m trying to learn Japanese cause i plan on going to college there

well i obviously know english but i knew a few polish words a few years ago (i forgot because i didnt practice my shit and spoke english even more than i used to please dont ask me to write 50 essays in polish) and i wanna get back into learning polish again soon sometime

je peux parler un peu français

my god. it’s the Polnareff language

I speak English and Google Translate


In order of proficiency

English oh yeah, this language is the easiest hehe.

pwede ko makausap sa tagalog, masama lang ang gramatika ko. alam ko ng maraming salita sa tagalog.


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English is my dominant language.
엄마랑 아빠가 한국인이여서 한국어를 쓸수 있는데 미국에는 영여가 더 많이 쓰여저서 별로 안써.
(I can speak Korean because my parents are Korean, but since in the US, English is the dominant language, I don’t really speak Korean that much.)

I speak English and that’s about it

portuguese english and basic spanish
and tried to Japanese

-Chinese, fluent in 2 dialects, can understand 3
-Japanese, kanji is basically Chinese characters with different pronunciation anyways, so it’s slightly easier to learn if you are fluent in Chinese beforehand
-French, oui, learnt for 5 years

Ok that’s about it I guess

Chinese cells :frhigh:

my native language is Thai lol

and yep, English is my second language

for now, I’ve been studying Japanese for a year

as for languages I only know small bits of them, I’ll just order by how much words I know in that language (most → least)

  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • (insert languages that I had to rely on pure intuition to guess its meaning without translator)

english, french

english because Br*tain colonized the country