What Lost Magic are you going for?

As a lightning user, I think I may go for Aether or Storm Magic. Ooh, or maybe even Lunar Magic? Seems cool. There are lots of Lost Magics that look interesting, I might even get Darkness Magic! What Lost Magic are you guys going for?

Also, please tell me what you guys think on https://forum.worldofmagic.dev/t/how-is-art-of-infinity-primordial-magic-going-to-work-and-or-be-useful/26232/21

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And what are https://forum.worldofmagic.dev/t/your-thoughts-on-mud-magic-reflector-magic-gravity-magic/26340?

…probably reflector magic. If I can use magic size to make my spells bigger and anything that touches them gets reflected, I would go with reflector magic.

I can see players getting really annoyed with Reflector Magic, haha

technically we can’t really choose since it’ll be random,
and I’ll probably use the first I get anyways, but

if I could choose, I’d do mud or gravity
anything that can slow/stop a target’s movement is very powerful in games like these

Lost Magics

Can only be obtained via completing jobs, and only some types have create-able skills. Lost magics that have no creatable skills can only obtain skills by questing. Obtaining a Lost Magic automatically starts you with a skill of its type if you cannot create skills for it yourself. Lost Magics are thousands of years old and they are very uncommon to see in the current world

So does this mean to get the Lost Magic that I want I’m gonna have to keep looking over and over again until I find the Lost Magic I want? That’s gonna be so time consuming

realistically you could find one and then trade it for another that you actually want

I forgot about that

I think mud magic because ppl don’t like it so that means it will be rarer

Flare because AoE

Imagine if you could create a reflector magic zone and everyone who casts a spell just instantly gets hit by it or if you could use immense magic energy to create explosions that reflect attacks while you charge your magic energy.

pheonix magic or aether or inferno knowing we already know how they look like

Bold of you to assume trading will be back by then.


I don’t really need a lost magic based on offense since we already got 3 normal magics anyway (which also combo together if you aimed for that). I guess I would go for wave, healing, reflector, gravity… stuff like that.
Realistically, I would possibly use the first scroll I find if it can somewhat fit with what I already got unless trading scrolls become a big thing, enough to be able to reliably find a specific scrolls.

it willll me dude

vetex has a guild called “azure sorcery”, where you’ll be able to trade in scrolls in exchange for the ability to choose a scroll from their collection

aether lightning, darkness magic, or flare

Sound Magic or Gravity Magic. i wanna be like sans-

Probably Storm or Flare depending on Storm’s popularity since as a lightning user you don’t wanna get any more generic than you already are. It would honestly be cool to have a Magnetic lost magic but it would be hard to implement well since Magius doesn’t even have much metal. If implemented properly tho, def would go for it.

With the storm thing I’m hoping I’ll get to see a massive thunderstorm happen.

Not sure, really. Until the details of each Lost Magic are out, I’m currently thinking Inferno and Phoenix, due to 100% going to happen, we all know it will, Fire synergy.
Solar and Flare have been considerations, however.
And hell, maybe Sound or Mud will change my mind.