What lost spells do you plan on using 👀

Yeah im aware this has been asked thousands of times but since were so close to release I wanna ask this question again.

For me I probably wanna go for the transformation lost spell so I could hopefully have water wings or some shit and maybe make it a speed based mage build?

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none, all i need is a big axe

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Going for a warrior build i see

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i plan on using anyone i can get my hands on lol
but i plan on grinding or looking for meteor attack or elemental summon

elemental summon sounds dope af


the main one i want is strong blast :smiling_imp: gonna nuke Ravenna with the largest crystal blast in the seven seas

finna cause massive lag for the war seas

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Zone + Ash = 1 FPS

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easiest way to win any pvp match lmao just cause your opponents pc to explode

ice elementals and snow zone, i wanna turn this game into an afk sim

also limbs, i want one for all my magics

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I hope they add limbs

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seems like everyone plans on making people lag to death :skull:

Meteor or transformation lost spell, just imagine the possibilities for meteor lost spell

And I hope the hair color changing options from transformation spell are similar to this where you change your hair into the element


sounds dope af

bro fr gonna look like

Summon Elemental so I can have friends

Summon elemental
Idc what else

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