What magic do you have right now?

Title. I have Explosion




Working on my Gold file. Normally I’m Iron.

Shadow and don’t you dare to call me an edgelord



I personally main Acid

I have fire

I have Yellow Lightning on my first slot.

And on my 2nd slot I have Magma, and its taking me hours to level it because they’re no quests. :frcryin:

i feel u… was suffering yesterday because i couldn’t even find the most common type of quests: starters

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I will come to your house and break your kneecaps

yuo dont konw where i lvie so hwo are u gona dto that

Uhhh…alright you win

explosion as well

haahahahhahahh wo dcow oeWE WOEoOWE

My magic is wind. Yes, warm variation, very stinky.

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same with my fire file
lvling takes so long now compared to release