What magic is the person above you?

It’s all in the title. Base, lost, or ancient apply and don’t just say the personas favorite if they have it, only if it applies. Please give a reason.

Start with me ig

it’s in the name so Crystal

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bitch magic

also 99% sure this topic is getting closed

couldn’t have said it better myself

anyways you’re wood cause you’re a boat

i thought youd say that cus im always hard but that also works

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yeah if people reply like this

they will


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new stipulation, please give a reason why.

Idk just because sand

I’m just trying to avoid low effort posts as best I can.

Oh are we supposed to say what magic the person actually is? I thought you meant like try and guess what magic the person above you uses

you’re definitely acid

i dont know what to make of that

It says in your forum profile :person_shrugging:

You give me earth vibes, probably cause of your pfp colours

What they would be not what they would use

surprised you didnt say inferno ngl

surprised magic or something idfk