What magic synergizes with Iron Leg

I am making a warlock, what magic has good synergy

I think it induces bleed so anything that has a synergy with bleed

So ice

No, since you wouldnt be able to apply frozen. Better to go sand or magma

wdym I wouldnt be able to aply frozen

I can use ice to aply it



but you get the +20% damage

Frozen is when you have 2 magic or you deall 33% of hp in one hit

well if you plan ahead for 2nd magic you could be able to

you should go poison ngl

(plaguelocks represent :triumph: :poison_magic_var1: :poison_magic_var2:)

(also wanna pvp in LL later today maybe???)


was that a yes to using poisonleg or to LL battle

full sentence

Does anyone know the chances of a underwater structure having the angler egg, Ive been to at least 8 and still none

oker :smiley:

use poison warlock btw trust me it is good

I meant you freeze em first

You cant idiot