What magics work under water?

So i mean with work under water that a blast can be casted and can go through the water.

I think all of the solid magics can

all solid magics, wind, water, shadow (and some of its mutations, I suppose?)

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Acid works

All solids, liquids, and (powders?)

For wom I believe there’s earth, iron, glass, crystal, snow, paper(?), gold, wood… uuuh probably other ones, didnt have time to checm the list
The rest can sometime be used with spells like explosions and beams, for example lightning cant use blasts underwater but the rest works

In general, multiple magics can now be used underwater in AO and heat based magics like fire can use magic jumps at the surface of water

What’s the logic behind paper? By the time it lands it’s soggy

magic or some other bullshit idk

This is why you’re my favorite forum member


I thought magma (liquid) and ice (solid) don’t work.

In WoM: Anything that can’t set wood on fire IRL or isn’t Ice or Wind.

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It technically works, just produces something different but ya hot magics and Ice don’t work

  • solid magics except ice
  • water
  • acid

Most magics can shoot beams from outside water into the water and placed explosion. blasts dont work

exception is my boye fire which nothing works underwater

There’s only a few magics that can’t work underwater, like fire or poison.

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