What magics would you buff/nerf in AO, or add a new mechanic, how and why?

if you had the option to buff or nerf certain magics in AO, and even add possibly new synergies, how would you go about it?

I would nerf waters impact damage, like wind

buff snow a little, so it has more synergies allowing for more creativity (also holy SHIT there’s so many negative synergies bruh)

and I would make it so lightning could apply some kind of “glassification” effect when hitting a sandy target that synergises with glass

and add blue magma and black glass (I know vetex doesn’t like these but why not :fr:)

also I’d add the option to be able to change your block keybind so it’s not just G

like I don’t wanna have to download external software just so I can change my block key why is that not already a feature

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I’d add the concussed status effect

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Make Crystal do 1k damage per hit, and inflict every negative effect possible. For balancing reasons of course, nothing personal

Nerfing water’s impact damage is unnecessary

nah bruh it is hella necessary

0.95 impact with 1.3x size + 1.0 speed is devastating, and that’s not even counting the amount of synergies it has

nerf the damage to like 0.9 and we’re good

Isnt wind 1.4x speed with 0.875 damage?
And acid has way higher damage thanks to its dot. Although it has the largest size, water with 0.95x damage and no dot, along with average speed, bad clashrates and i guess very low destruction, as helpful as that is, feels balanced.
I dont know the extent of the scalded status effect, so i wont speak too much about synergies

I just wanna nerf it because water has a lot of positive damage combos and I don’t want to live in a world where 86% of the playerbase uses water

Water has poor clashrates, its high size is being a hindrance for once, and with every build dealing the same damage, i doubt you’ll need to worry about water being overused. Perhaps there will be a lot of ice imbued sailor fist users however.

clash rates don’t matter ngl just block parry dodge :yawning_face:

I would buff magma to have the highest speed and damage and size

This one’s sanity must’ve already crumbled.

Make poison have more than one positive synergy. :frcryin:

Make Shadow have any positive synergy. :skull:

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