What makes horror games fun?

mainly for people who actively play horror games
just what do you find fun about them

Getting scared

watching everyone else get scared (vc)

Jump scare bad

Deep intricate lore and psychological horror aiming at our deepest primal fears good

you’re not playing horror games for real unless you’re doing it at 11 pm, door closed, and lights off

that’s a usual gaming session for most people here no matter the genre though, so doesn’t really matter


Being scared with friends is what makes it goofy

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I like the story. The best horror games aren’t just about horror. They can make you feel sad too

i dont really like horror games but for some reason they tend to have really cool mechanics sometime
phasmophobia isnt an horror game as long as you saw the “jumpscare” for the first time

feeling like you’re in mortal danger is one of the main appeals i think



friends, atmosphere, and sounds