What makes wood so bad?

also no vetex is still bad and sand still doesnt work underwater, this is an issue i expertly avoid by using a trick called “not fighting underwater”

i stay on the fucking ship brother

it’s almost like

most fights

don’t happen on water.


and the ones that do happen on water…

wood magic can actually stand a chance in.


So your ships never been sunk?

no because its fast and has a lot of hp so i can dodge cannonballs, if they manage to sink it after like an hour of whaling on it then thats gg they can just have the kill at that point

yea ngl most brigs tend to avoid eachother since everyone’s boats are all pretty hard to sink

i dont even have a brig yet just somewhat decent gear on a caravel and im good, never been sunk with my armored ruined archaic hull

tbh even without a synergy wood fends for itself very well since it’s massive in size + it works underwater

this dude is bringing up the most useless ass stats bro would probably minmax destruction before the halloween update in wom


what did he mean by “clashes determine who moves first” this isn’t a turned based rpg dawg :sob:

me when i use sand but the clash rate is low so i have to become undyne the undying

wind users malding rn

Now this, we can agree on

wind after getting nerfed out of the meta slot is a fine magic imo
in wom i wish pain on whoever uses it for pvp

wind has only 1 purpose and it’s for bootleg /fling commands

Sky Island teleporter go brrr