What part of ao are you more hyped/anticipative about

  • PvP
  • Gameplay/Lore/Story

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both both is good


Well, Im mostly hyped about boss fights but I guess thats story??

I don’t really pvp much, I just mind my own business, and lore is always interesting.
Also, aren’t lore and story basically the same thing?

Pvp only valid answer :imp:

When the game releases

end of year as paid acess then it’ll release for free

I mean in general

? you can play it earlier than the end of year if you’re a tester, but otherwise end of this year if you have robux, if you don’t then you have to wait some more, there’s no specific free date release i believe, it’s when vetex feels it’s ready.

edit: end of the year means, like, december

Yea i mean early access

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE hopefully the infamy/clan system wont be as shitty as the infamy system in wom. i half of the server teaming up to kill this one dude for infamy

I’m super excited about a BATTLE PASS being in AO.

-_- eee

i will only buy the useful stuff

Ok i like pvp but WHY you would care more about pvp than gameplay itself? How this even works

If you are more into fightning games like soulshatters, dark magic lll, etc then AO pvp maybe more fun for you. Everyone is not a fan of story type gameplay

bc, pvp is pvp, we wna be the best and not the worst of the worst

or we all wna be good,

fr i pray that you can movestack or delay moves and fire them in one spell

That would be so op