What planned Dark Sea addition are you most excited for?

I’m sorry wot?


ahh, good, I no longer need to sail all the way to find the epicentre once it’s done.

I just need to head out into my backyard.

That’s gonna be such a fun boss fight

I kinda wanna get small (other than less health) but dragon blood for permanent stat boost? surely its just like energy regen or destruction or maybe your aura has a new thing/can destroy surroundings. more things i need to grind. Joining the Agora seems neat and the syrin quest seems to be the most busted thing

I want Siren crew

I wonder if we could still steal their chests after lol

Im so fucky hyped for this imagine instead if sea water poisoning it gets replaced by oxygen poisoning or worrying about oxygen thinning :skull:

Although before this and dragons get added I really think we need some updates dedicated to just optimizing the game and hopefully making the dark sea separate

dwarf odyssey

I equally want the Abyss, the Sky, and the ability to cover myself in the blood of my enemies

I cant even swim up from bottom to my ship and vet increases depth…

Nah but we’ll have the diving bell

I would rather get max breathing capacity gems, 3km of a rope instead of something that I wont even be ableto see due to low graphic settings

You be like:

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(Complete sentence

Slaying a dragon and bathing in its blood

Bathing in dragon blood will go well with my character’s satanic theme, I yearn for the reverse witch trials that I will subject every living being to in my sight.