What’s a PvPer?

Hi everyone, in light of recent development updates, I just wanted to ask for people’s opinion on what a PvPer is.

Is a PvPer someone who chases you relentlessly while you’re simply doing charts? Or is a PvPer just some dude that chill at the garden or Elysium 90% of the time? Or perhaps only someone who regularly participates in tournaments qualifies?

I consider myself a PvPer. I’m not involved in SeaLeagues or ClanCirus like the big names out there, but I still find the PvP in this game one of a kind and enjoyable. Frankly, after clocking in nearly 2.7k hours across my past and present files PvP is one of the only things that never really got old. While there is undeniably toxicity in the PvP community, I’ve met quite a lot of genuinely chill people too.

Yes, I also do PvE, but I see it as a means to a PvP end. You can’t PvP well without good gear (and vanity) after all.

No, I don’t do leaderboards nor jump people (usually). I backup my pals in fights though.

Am I a PvPer?

I don’t really know anymore

I think there’s two type of pvpers.
One is the casual who likes pvpeing with their friends and random strangers just because they are bored

And the second is the PvP head that constantly training, pvping, and min maxing their armor and always changing classes for meta ones

My personal definition is a player that enjoys engaging in PvP (and does it regularly). No other rule to that, just a blanket term.

I think vetex is referring to the pvpers that constantly harass him and the bream for balancing

“player vs player” player

A pvper is anyone who participates in pvp
Vetex was mainly targeting the rant towards people such as overly toxic players, people who are completely obsessed with pvp and people who constantly are bugging him about everything to do with balance or whatever.


You’re a PvPer, yes.

I see what you described, the chill dudes that just have fun with it, as what a PvPer is.

I’m just also aware that there’s another kind of PvPer, a minority, that likes to cause problems for others damn near religiously.

a pvper is a featherless biped

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I see two types:
Chill bro who likes to fight in arenas
Grass-fearing maidenless braindead metamancer whose sweat could flood the entire War Seas and the Dark Sea

PvPer is anyone that fight people as his main source of having fun in the game
that said, some are more known than others…

PvPer imo is just people who do PvP, regardless of frequency, place, and how toxic they are

I am a PvPer, abeit a very bad one, but still a PvPer

Someone who more into PvP than other parts of the game.

Someone who players Arcane Odyssey primarily for PVP. That’s literally it. It encompasses everything in that domain; from people who just like to duel in Munera, to those trying to squeeze every inch out of builds, to certain individuals who kill at random.