What’s after the dark sea,another land of civilization or something?

What is beyond the dark sea this question always lured me and I wanna see your guys opinions on this. Like is there something beyond the dark sea in the lore except Magius and the Seven Seas?

I don’t think that magius exists yet when AO takes place. Also, I’m pretty sure it’s in the ruins of the fourth sea.

As for the question… It’s certainly possible

I agree with you there. It is a possibility and would be cool as endgame destination

could be ig, it’d be pretty strange if there’re only two civilizations in the entire world
also Magius isnt canon anymore btw

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Nothing other than sea clusters. So far the confirmed existing sea clusters are The War Seas, The Seven Seas, and The Old Sea. Vetex said everything else was just dark sea

Magius is made from the ruins of the 5th sea, maybe the other ones that were destroyed too I dunno

Really? I thought it was made out of the ruins of mainland

Actually, Magius is made on top of the fourth, fifth and seventh seas, which were all entirely destroyed. Magius isn’t canon anymore, though. The seven seas are just ruins.

Pretty sure almost all of the planet is dark seas, old seas, seven seas and war seas. But I’m sure there must be other civilizations. Averill would’ve had to have found something during his travels, like the Old Sea Vikings’ civilization. We don’t know how big their towns and villages were before they migrated to Magius.

like you just do a world-round travel thing, i mean its the most logic thing would happen

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