What’s the point of bounty hunting?

On paper this sounds like a coool feature to use to gain exp and levels through actual combat but the thing is it gives extremely low exp why?

Wait how do you bounty hunt
I grab the poster from the board, but then don’t know where the npc is like at all
Are there supposed to be clues?

Probably more for renown than exp

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I’m waiting for servers to get expanded so I can annoy bad rep players lol

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Divanochi uh
Is there even a point to being a bad rep anymore?
Like, the fun hat came with being a bad rep in wom was the chaos, the ability to commit mass genocide and destroy entire towns.
But since thats not possible, what do you gain from being a bad rep? Youre pretty much locked out of towns

Can fight bosses/mini-bosses of both reps (good reps can’t fight commodore kai for his drops), don’t have to worry about losing rep when they commit crimes, can farm any ship in the sea for sealed chests, ig just an overall freedom to do what they want

biggest W imo

Oh, shit. I just realized…
Bounty Hunting is a flop ;-;

Sometimes the bounty is on an island you don’t even have unlocked… and to keep the game “REALISTIC” we can’t have quest markers for the person we’re hunting :smiley:

I’d assume most people turn their focus to bounty hunting after doing a good portion of the main content so they’d have most islands explored by that time

Yeah… bounty hunting for actual levels or trying to do it for fun is a bad idea.

cap bounty hunting IS fun, of course it won’t be fun if you fight someone 50 levels above you or do it like 20 times in a row, do something else like fish or clear item/chest exploration tasks

i find trying to exploit the varying weaknesses of each person with a bounty good gameplay. there was this knight that mainly used twin crescents, so i dodged around him and attacked him with quad blasts and 10-hit snares. another knight used mainly slow “mountain wind” projectiles, and bashed me with a ~200 damage ability when i got close, so i only used single shot 20% size blasts on him

It is fun to fight someone 50 levels above you, I have found ways to outsmart most of this criminals with different weapons

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Although bounty hunting don’t give much, there are quests that are related to it

i actually like its realistic, so… :person_shrugging:

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