What’s worser between Detroit and Gotham?

Please don’t say Ohio.


  • Detroit
  • Gotham

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Detroit is detroit, but Gotham is gotham

Gotham is kinda goofy imo

cause with Batman you’d think crime would reduce by just a teeny tiny bit


The fact that it has Batman yet still has obscenely high crime rates is a testament to how terrible of a place it is


I think the villains just like batman and do crime to keep him busy lol

Batman when he catches you littering in gotham:


Gotham city

I mean you can’t have shit in detroit but i’d rather have nothing than live in constant fear of being abducted by some psycho clown in the middle of the night.

Granted, there’s a bunch of other criminals that would at least be less creepy to go up against and more cool to die to outside of The Joker but the fact that he exists and his chance at showing up to my house is never zero is enough for me to never want to go there.


Gotham city has a new crime happening every second.
Detroit, in all seriousness is an actually OKAY place.

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i HATE gotham. its the absolute WORST city to live in, i mean, WHY would you even live in such a place? you have dozens of psychopath criminals running around and you have a 50% chance of getting abducted if you go outside past 8 PM, batman isnt gonna do SHIT when the joker shoots up my local high school. why would ANYBODY LIVE THERE??? i am deadass convinced that gotham just exists to contain all the criminals so that they dont spread elsewhere :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:, you would literally have to pay me to live there i do not CARE. :-1: :-1: there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to convince me that gotham is even a semi good place to live, detroit doesnt even COMPARE to the abomination that is gotham, i would rather have all of my belongings stolen than live in gotham. as a matter of fact, it would probably be a safer city if BATMAN wasnt even there. Fuck gotham :fu: :fu: :fu: :rage: :rage: :speaking_head:

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You COULDN’T pay me to live in Gotham. The amount of cash I’d need for that is more than a human can comprehend.
You can get offed for:

  • Being out late

  • Being rich

  • Being the wrong gender

  • Being a child

  • Walking down the street

  • Actually having a family

And many, many more.

in detroit, at least you can fight back against all the criminals and all, but in gotham? nah, you are at the BARE MINIMUM losing a limb to some crazy villain. :pensive: :sleepy: :triumph: :face_exhaling:

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I’d rather have my shoes stolen in Detroit than my limbs stolen in Gotham

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Batman is not an L superhero. He is the albert Einstein of DC, the core of the justice league. He’s more of a Tony Stark than anything. Without the armor


reminds me of someone ngl

wyoming is worse

England is worse


Well Detroit is real so