What server region(s) do you play on?

I just wanna know who I might see in game.

I prefer USE, and I can only speak English(Sorry every non-english speaking person who might be cool, we might’ve been friends)

AUS servers

Either USC (I think they exist) USW and USE

EUW AND EUE, words cannot express the amount of dread i feel everytime i join a NA server

NA (North Asia), AS (Asia)

NA is shit (150-250 ping spikes, annoying asf for pvp)
AS is goat, consistent 80-100 ping but appears once in a blue moon

use and usw

I cannot wait for a server list where we can choose what kind of server we want to join bruh :skull:

i pray for big V to add a server list :pray:

UK and occasionally EUW. Stop giving me USE roblox.


I’ve gotten Jap Euw EuS Use Usw

USE all the way