What should be my main build?

Should I have an 1. Explosion Conjurer, and 2. Explosion Warlock (Thermo Fist), or a 3. Poison/Plasma Mage?

I’ll pick an idea on 5/30/24 at 6:00 CDT

If you have any other ideas tell me if so

None of these tbh

Explosion thermo magic savant :heart:

Explosion thermo is goated u should main it

What about Paladin? there might be a spirit weapon that has the fire synergy but this is pretty unlikely.

Or Explosion Leg instead? It’s pretty decent what I experienced so far.

I’ll consider

Its not on the list but if you want to go mage go poison/glass mage

None of them. Do warrior instead

Second thought, don’t go for paladin, the starter spirit weapons doesn’t have even all the skills yet which is suck, so yeah, go either knight or explosion leg

poison plasma mage
it’s the only somewhat interesting one out of all of these

I already have a sub-warrior build

Lightning conjjjjjjjj

I have Lighting/Water mage but not conjurer

Ye i used to be lightning/water mage but then I stat reset to lightning conj


Oracle :rofl:

Be based, go wood leg

Go wind mage

that was actually my first build but I deleted it because I didn’t know how to get past lvl 119 until I discovered cargo existed