What should i do with my deckhands before the update

so I have 3 adept deckhands and 1 legendary deckhand. I got the legendary deckhand by finding a lvl 22 rare deckhand and just fully upgrading them (220,000 fame requirement).
so I was thinking because next update deckhands are gonna cost gems to upgrade to the next tier should i just try get all the low lvl deckhands and just max them to legendary before next update

sounds like a good idea man

you should actually just get money and gems
swear to god its like yall cant live without that +4 speed, my friend wanted to get 1 mil bounty in 1.5 weeks with next to 0 pvp expirience and on a non-meta build (he pinged me 10 times a day complaining)

while your at it, throw a party for them too

Exactly, they deserve it

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