What should my third bursting accessory be

not sure what to put for my third accessory for max bursting build. i was thinking bursting calv piece, but is there a better option ?

Valkyrie helm?
(Gives 22 bursting)

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Send pic of your AOE.

alr i will when i get on, im shadow so i got 1.15x aoe or something

alr i probably have one in my inventory somewhere , ill upgrade that


personally i think you should get the skill accessory, i heard its pretty overpowered

he does no damage

Hitting through walls build


yea a Calvus Accesory with bursting. has a higher lvl than Valkyrie and grants agility and power.

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yea its just for fun

cant find it

only on mimhere island

im also going to make this build eventually
already got that bursting crown from tradign wohoo


#1 No-miss, No aim, Tank build.

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