What small, niche detail would you remove/replace in AO?

By small, I mean something completely inconsequential. I’d go with the Spells Used stat in Player Summaries and replace it with Abilities Used.


Having 60% of an armor stat more than others will slightly change their animations that correlate with them. (Like high agility having butterfly swimming animation)

60% Defense: You brush off hits and will not have animations when your limbs are lost, you flinch very little upon taking hits and are unsurprised when grabbed or crashing into a wall/floor.

60% Power: Your attack animations are altered and have more aggressive motion, example a Left Arm Swipe animation would now be similar to an aggressive and fast baseball swing.

60% Attack Speed: Your attack animations are altered and look more professional and fine-tuned.

60% Intensity: Anything that was affected by Intensity (Aura or Status Effects, excluding projectiles such as magic blast) will have more intense particles, a man being burnt by a 280 intensity user will have one or two of their limbs completely on fire.

60% Drawback (literally who?): Your character when taking pain from drawback will now “glorify in their pain” rather than flinching or being obviously hurt.

(Excluding Attack Size since it’s obvious same with Insanity and Agility, they already have details)


i would remove the tanning system entirely it changed my race


make legendary durability deckhands give 10 durability per level instead of whatever it is right now

Its around 7.5 but they also have a base amount that is added onto the amount gained from levels.

Also yes this is a good idea we should buff ship durability

It would be nice if the drawback tomato sauce faded after like 3 minutes of not using any attacks

I’d also swap dedicated to be the 4th tier of loyalty and devoted to be the 5th


60% drawback means throwing your limbs off with each attack.

Also, please do not encourage people to make Darkness from Konosuba.

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Remove or glorify Tanning and get rid of dirt gathering on characters

Tanning makes you turn into a hot dog and the dirt needs makes it look like someone crapped on your whole body


just take a shower

Personally I’d add more shock waves to spells to emphasize the speed kinda like in vesteria

Also can we please have the cool lightning effect at low drawback? Heck maybe even have it match with our magic a bit too?

exactly whenever u get dirt on you it looks like someone rubbed dog shit all over ur character

I’d make it so that players can dodge out of waves with dodge reflex, rather than being dragged by them. Doing so would cost about 2.5x the usual stamina, and it cannot be reduced by Invigorated.

A wave literally killed me earlier when I jumped off a siren rock onto my ship to remove Water Poisoning.

make it so that when trees break they leave their base or roots behind

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Remove some of the stats when hovering over players in the player list

I don’t want people to know about my 500 hour file

Better yet, let us choose what stats are visible after a certain amount of playtime on a slot

nah i like the dirt, tanning gotta go tho

The tanning gimmick makes my characters look like they somehow got into the kitchen of a Red Lobster.


I say the tanning should

A) Apply something closer to an actual “tan” look, rather than a sunburn.

B) Cap out at half the intensity it does now. Seriously, we look deep-fried after 5 minutes.


let people be w/\rden