What stat is your favorite bonus stat to use. (In pvp)

WIth my build i always have 1 slot left over for an extra amulet or a wizard hat. What extra stat do you guys like to have in your build?

Favorite stat?
  • Casting speed
  • Knock Back
  • Spell Size
  • Strength
  • Spell Speed
  • Wizard hat

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this poll is garbage, i should of made the voters public. sorry

theres all these actual stats that affect your character and then theres wizard hat


that effects your character, more power

w i z a rd
h a t

PvP? :fr:

Magic user headwear

Use either a;

  • Hard wizard hat
  • Powerful wizard hat
  • Powerful defence amulet
  • Hard power amulet

Depends on your magic though.

More Power is always a good thing

But if you have a powerful defense amulet already and a hard power amulet, you still have 1 spot left. Im asking what you guys put in that spot.

Can’t argue with sun-sized blasts.

You’re using glass magic, so maybe a Hard/Powerful Wizard Hat.

but bleed stacks, so casting speed could be useful.


Yea but it wont be in AO
And at the same time vetex said AO is gonna be around the end of the year :frcryin:

Late Christmas present…Am i right? :sleepy: :weary: :sob:

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