What the fricky licky is this

I was just searching “Listen Closely” to see if the username is taken and I end up finding this garbage.

The question is, should I actually play it out of curiosity? I feel like I’m going to be put on at least 18 watchlists though.


If you get visitation I’ll be sure to visit you from time to time while your locked up.



In all seriousness though…
Eh? Doesn’t really matter?
Though as the saying goes “Curiosity killed the cat.”

ive played a game where you take a roller coaster into your mothers digestive tract

I sure do love listening to children’s bellies

I’m not a pedo!!!


I’m boutta go apeshit

same, also would you say that a 13 year old is a pedo if they sexualized a 10 year old (no no discord tos under 13!!!1!!11!!!1!!!)

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welcome to roblox !

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boy what the hell boy