What the fuck lol

Going through some stuff on trello and found project potter wtf is this
headless making his own game cooool. when it coming out. can there be a class between the WoM and project potter :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

what is this too lol

send link :>

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ez hogwarts game

I want: world of magic X Project potter

oh so headless is planning an actually decent hp game

Headless: you know too much

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Imagine if this becomes the new TGR update

I think the 2nd one is a random board someone added me to a long time ago or something. That shit used to happen like once a month a few years ago and trello has no way of blocking people so I just got spam re-added to stuff against my will. Very cool :fr:


Lol rip :frcryin: :frcryin:

Also thats just my idea list If I were to make a hp inspired game.

You should though, it would be cool