What the hell is this, mod team?

am i seeing this shit right?
sure leaderboard players can be witch hunted because they signed up for it bla bla but now you’re allowing friends who are just playing together to be harrassed?
i may be a pvp head and a leaderboard player but now i can’t even rest easy when i chill on another file with my casual friends
respectfully, what the fuck are you guys smoking


Give me your renown :smiling_imp:

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I’m sure there are situational caveats to this. It’s probably worded this way with things such as clan wars and team battles in mind, but I don’t doubt that if you prove proof that the scenario is true witch hunting you’d be able to petition for the assailant to be punished.

this rule is dumb ngl


It really is, not to mention it basically makes infamy bombing non-existent considering people will use the excuse of rule 2.8.2

the ONLY exemption from this rule should be leaderboard players.
There are more than enough clan players absolutely everywhere for witchhunting one particular clan member to ever be excusable and players in a group is far too unreasonably vague and basically kills the entire rule.

There are literally solo menaces that ganks 3 player guilds on a daily basis this will NOT help at all…

This will only motivate them even more lol, just make witch-hunting only work if a certain player/group ACTUALLY FOLLOWS YOU/TRIES TO KILL YOU everytime on a daily basis + with proof of course.

Am kinda confused. This is the first I’m hearing that we enforce witch-hunting differently now

Same, we all kinda just collectively found out today.

Seems to have been added for at least a week almost now.

there should be an update log on rules (both ingame and off)

If you didn’t agree to this, who got this through?

dude I love it when 3 guys pull up when I’m trying to chill with you and start a giant fight woo yea!!!

Mod team were smoking on some blue crystals in the 6th range of the dark sea that they used 10 and 2 golden pearls and drinking it

I uhhh asked some of the mods and most of them said they didnt know or didnt partake in rule changes, dunno who did tho

So this BS rule was added without thoughts from the mod team??? Wtf?

i have a feeling some of them are avoiding accountability after seeing the backlash

There are, just that only the mods who partake in changing the rules

when i’m getting chased through servers by someone so i call my friend to pretend to be in a gank squad with him to get him banned

(i don’t have any friends)

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