What to do when you break a rule

Punch your computer

Are trust levels still obtainable even after several rules broken?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Fuck lemme ask a mod

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Things that will prevent you from getting Tl3:

5 or more flags
5 or more flags from different users

1 of these alone will prevent you from getting Tl3 for 6 months after the most recent offense

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Hypothetically, if someone had 4 flags recently but one flag 7 months ago, would that prevent them from getting regular?

doubt it

this is not a fucked up rule by the mods but a fucked up rule by the morons who made the website, I get silenced once and I wasn’t able to get regular till punishment reset in Jan

There was a punishment reset in January? Huh, I wonder why I was excluded :thinking: