What to play

i have an armor set that im going to use and it works for everything, but i have no clue WHAT to use. every idea i have doesn’t work well or i realize it doesn’t feel right.

i was going to use Magma with explosion (to aethor magic later) for petrified but than i realized magma doesn’t do that.

i also realized that i like absolutely everything, Magic, FS, Weapons, but to the point where i don’t think i can get rid of a single one

All my builds are savants built off using synergies (ex: ice magic, sailors style, lightning arcanium weapons) but then learned that imbue synergies are nerfed. i do like DoT but poison doesn’t stack and multiple leads to less damage.

i might like warden but its not out (clearly)

Any tips

Still works, just use thermo + aether imbue in the far future or whatever equivalent will exist. Magma is good for clears/damage in general so you can use that on your weapons with damage focused enchants to draw out some potential big damage (assuming you have the opening). The likewise situation is partially true, scorched dagger + aether imbue should be a viable option for a synergy combo as a savant.

The only issue here is that you won’t get these things (or aether) until way after 2nd awakening (best case it’ll be ~level 509 assuming you do 59% of your points in magic and Aether costs exactly 600 magic which leaves 418 points left over for your other two stats).

Forgot to mention this but the thermo + aether imbue also works two ways but for weapons. Notably Triasta + a heat fighting style, and explosion + scorched dagger works if you don’t want to neglect your other stats as you level up.

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