What type of kid were you when your family members were arguing?

  • The one who would scream “STOOOPPPPP :sob:!!! STOP FIGHTINNGGGG”
  • The one that just silently did their own business
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Idea from (AOFP):

I try to eavesdrop whenever my parents argue.

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the one who would scream stop screams so much cringy main character syndrome

Most stable osu player’s family:

If there was an argument between family members (and I mean an actual argument, not just a disagreement) I was most likely one of the participants.

I’d probably get dragged into the argument against my will.

if it was my parents i would hit my dad with a pole from my bed frame and if it was not my parents I would ignore it

Whenever this happened I joined in and brought stuff from the past so I can fuel the flames. My stepdad called me a [slur directed at intellectually challenged people] like 2 years prior and we were in the car when him and my mom were fighting so I mentioned it once so I can see all hell break loose.

They physically altercated while in the car and we crashed on the side of the road. They successfully broke up and I didn’t like him so mission success.

That’s how you get a solo Victory Royale.

I was the one who either laughed or quoted politicians to make the situation even funier.

i was the one being argued about

i am not a crook and have earned everything i’ve got

@wesree be like

Not an arguing, but I remember as a young kid who hadn’t grasped the idea of death hearing my mom and aunt crying hearing the news grandma had passed away back in 2014, and here I’m just sitting there playing GTA San Andreas on my PS2.

I was just silent and confused, I didn’t realize how awful it was at the time

let’s kill him.

mods put his balls in the vice grip

my bad gang :pray::pray:

Time to use the ancient torsion technique I haven’t used since yesterday.