What types of deckhands can equip the "questionable" accessories

This is just out of sheer curiosity after I saw this post

Don’t worry, I don’t do anything to my deckhands.

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That’s just people giving them items after maxing their loyalty

So any deckhand can equip it?


o h

What’s the quickest way of maxing loyalty

gifting high value items of their style until they get to the tier that lets you change their style, swap style to knight/mage (has the easiest high value items to obtain [sorcerer and titanium armor] ) and then max it out from there.
change back the style afterwards if you wish.

So just keep giving them clothes

yeah, as long as it matches their style it will work.

Be warned, it takes a while especially for many outfits considering they lack a high level uncommon tier item they use

Is there any alternate way

no, you just have to spam items at them
like was suggested earlier you can swap to mage or knight set to give titanium or sorcerer gear which gives a lot of loyalty exp