What was before the universe?

What created the World of Magic and Arcane Adventures universe and what was before it?
Post your theories or answers below.

This part is not a theory:
Chaos is a force that resides outside universes and sometimes feeds on them. It is the #1 of the 11 unknowns.
The #2 of the unknowns is also a thing, and it created the arcane universe for fun/ as an experiment.

This part is a theory:
Before the arcane universe, there probably already were other universes, the #2 unknown might have created others for fun as well, and Chaos might have nom-nomed on them.
Outside of the universes it’s probably just these two (and possibly some others) mingling around and doing their thing.

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I mean it’s a game, there’s nothing surprising about asking how a fantasy game’s universe was made if it’s not the same as ours

My theory was that the Chaos came AFTER something that I personally call “the Order”. The reason the universe was made in the first place was the Order started breaking apart and fighting with itself which resulted a burst of energy, creating the universe and leaving the Order cracked and malformed which essentially formed the Chaos

ok then what made the order

Another universe created that universe which started the Order. It’s pretty simple if you think about it

ok, but what created the universe that created the universe. and what exactly is the order. another universe?

The Order is a contained magical force that was responsible for keeping the Universe in order. But there was an event that caused it to start breaking it apart which then created the Chaos and essentially everything in the Universe. The Chaos has a mission of destroying everything in the Universe to keep everything in line to restore order (similar to real life entropy). The universe that created that universe was in fact created by gravitational and magical forces that all compressed into each other called the “Initial Singularity”.

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World of Magic was created by a big bang Just in another dimension but it hasnt the same laws of physic duh. stated from a science guy that if dimensions were created from its own even the laws of physic could be changed

so even though gravity magic is a thing gravity is a separate force from magic?

Gravity isn’t magic, it’s scientific. Gold isn’t magical just because there’s gold magic, same thing with every other elemental magic because they’re real and scientific.

ok ok ok. interessting theory

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Well, Chaos is the 1st unknown, but it has been stated to not have been the one that created the AA universe. I believe Tech said the 2nd unknown was the one who made the AA universe for fun. This implies the possibility of multiple universes. Similarly, the existence of multiple universes (which are all separate from one another to a degree) implies a common medium in which all of the multiple universes exist (from which they could be made). Chaos and the 2nd unknown must be original inhabitants of this “common medium” or metaphysical reality. Whatever lies beyond that would result in a similar monism.

By the way, Jumbo’s theories are all wrong. Just something to keep in mind.

Of course it’s not going to be 100% accurate, it’s called a “theory” for a reason. Doesn’t mean I’ll be 100% wrong either. But if you have omnipotent knowledge of the lore, please share.

wym its 100% right. i dont see anything else proving it wrong yet

True jumbo is a interesting theory maker and nothing is proved wrong ”yet”