What was the first game on Roblox you played?

man i remember prison life before the revamp

i was too stupid to ever find the hammer or knife so i would always escape by jumping on a basketball goal in the courtyard, or try to camp the armory and die as soon as i get in…

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I deadass thought you’d get made fun of for playing roblox in ms and hs but apparently not. Roblox and cod are the most popular games in my hs

Wasn’t that revamp in like 2017? I hardly remember the old map. I dont remember what the outside looked like either because i never escaped

I was… all my K-12 years.

When I was in my final year of HS in my AP CS course, a bunch of dicks would find my old scripting tutorials and play them out loud to make fun of me.

Just my first semester of HS but i’ve only told 1 person so far that i play roblox because i don’t think it would be received lightly by many :skull:


I havent told anyone and won’t tell anyone. I don’t play roblox as much as I used too anyway.
Whenever someone asks me what I play Ill respond with Assetto Corsa or Rust

Eh I think most kids nowadays do play. it was the opposite back then.

natural disaster and adopt and raise a kid old version