What was the last thing you ate?

Last thing I ate was a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookie. How about you?

Wild Berry Weet-Bix Bites without adding milk, I just had breakfast.

A burrito for dinner.

Eating maccy cheese now

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A juicebox (apple) with 2 cookies.

i dont remember

but i had eggnog this morning

in fact Burgr

im making you rn

or maybe im making you


nah dude. the pan’s already ready. the onion’s been sliced with a beautiful red tomato also diced and sliced. the cheese is ready, with the buns pre baked for toasting. the sauce’s created…

you are being created

So technically… your Burgr’s parent :thinking:


an instant noodle I modify the seasoning a bit

An egg on a patty on rice, slathered in a delicious gravy.


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I’m in bed rn after taking a shower and brushing my teeth, consuming some of the toothpaste in the process.

So yeah, the last thing I ate was technically toothpaste.

a sandwich

Eat the child

crackers last night

Duck spring rolls

I just ate fried rice.