What will be your theoretical ao charcter

What’s your ao charcter going to be? Items, ships, awakenings?
Let’s just say all avatar, magic items and features that would realistically be added later in development are added to the game are added somehow

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Crystal magic maid

I will post my headcanon trello for the 38581070214730th time

(Not now i’m busy procrastinating)

Shay Cormac, Master Templar of the Colonial Rite
Ship: Morrigan, Sloop of War
No Magic, Strength Build.

literally the exact same (probably)

I don’t fuckin know bro?? I’ll decide when I play the game not before it

Ahh yes, May the Father of understanding guide you

First file, a conjuerer lightning and then water magic. Katana/hammer/and maybe trident. I may use the Ketch (I used it in AA) but probably the Caravel (maybe Gallleon or Ketch for my clan), and my stats will be defense/power

Second file, mage with acid, then magma, then fire, maybe. Arcanium claws/poison jaw’s dagger/arcanium ?. Sailboat since only my first file is in a clan, and speed. Glass cannon, but probably power/intensity.

Third file…I’ll finish after my shower

Your mom (iron magic)(the iron represents her weight)

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acid and magma conjurer, katana (obligatory), rapier, claws

(hands were sticky :kissing:)

Warlord, defense/power probably, maybe attack size. My goal is to really feel like a pirate on this file, so probably either sailboat or Ketch. Dual flintlocks? Maybe just one? Some type of gun and/or bow, the large axe, dual swords, and…idk

Sixth file, savant, a truly balanced savant. Each armor equip slot will have 100% of each stat. Like having a wizard hat with full power, chestplate full defense, leggings full intensity, etc. My magic will probably be the most balanced magic in the gamr, which I think is earth but idk. My boat will be the most balanced, which I suspect may end up being the Caravel or the Ketch. Most balanced weapons too, if there will be any. I’d say one of every type to make it “even.” So probably a bow/gun, a staff, and an axe.

Fifth file, the flash (without the lightning, and paladin build). I’m gonna go agility/power and maybe an attack speed amulet. I want to attack random people and just run off knowing thry can’t catch me. Sailboat, of course, and as fast as I can make it. Wait I never said my magic, light (:light_magic_var2:). Probably go a flintlock, shield, and spear

Fourth file, Warlock. I don’t know what magic, I would do magma but that’s what I’ll end up using on my 2nd, and earth is planned for 6th. Maybe wood? Metal? Boat, probably caravel. Magic/attack or defense.

Ok. I’m done.

My hero file:

  • character would likely stay same as my pfp here
  • conjurer (40 weapons, 60 magic? maybe 45/55 idk we’ll have to see when ao gets released)
  • arcanum weapons, unsure what my stat equips would be. since power is taking over power and strength I guess I’ll remain a hybrid power/defense/size
  • ship: unsure of what type of ship I’m gonna use but the name of my ship will be the Cracker Cruiser, if the one i use isn’t like a big heavy ship at least.
  • profession will probably be chef

as for what weapons I’ll use, I’m not sure because we don’t know how arcanum will work yet and I haven’t looked at all the weapon skills to see which ones I like most. I probably won’t be using SS on my main file though because soaked status effect ain’t good with plasma and fire + the abilities require too many points into weapons for a hybrid to do (without weapons over magic which I don’t plan on doing but who knows)

speaking of weapons watch everybody do katana and then turns out it’s ass (they still use it anyways)

most balanced magic is probably gonna be between like fire, ice, sand/snow, or glass (post bleed stack nerf)

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A build based solely around getting the most damage off of Apocalypse Bringer

(joke files not included)

1st file: some poison conjurer combo jank, would try to look like a “unique” ao oc, a frigate with an “infected theme”.

2nd file: light magic paladin where i don’t play that seriously, try to look like either mercy overwatch or medic tf2, whatever boat which would work for looking like a yacht for 1 person (+ cannons).

3rd file: pure fighting style with barely any defense measures, “name one strong anime character that is bald”, rowboat with maximum customization.

4th file: pure weapons with shield included, try to look like either wind waker link or ganon, a ship which would try to look exactly like the one from the ww ending (wind waker was the only tloz game i could probably recreate in ao).

Become a warlock and proceed to punch the living shit out of a bunch of people

Megan_water_(2)_2 (3)

Name: Megan Water
Build: Mage
Magics: Explosion ; Ash ; Magma ; Phoenix ; Ap.Bringer(never gonna happen)
Occupation: Alchemist
Weapon: Arcanium flintlock(tied to all base magics)
Ship: Red Syren / Explorer (Red/Black sailboat with Ash fused Arcanium ram and hull.)

First file:

  • 50-50 Conjurer (never liked multi-build awakenings so I’ll just do both of one build’s)
  • Moonlight, Sapphire
  • Dual Swords, Bow, Staff
  • Full arcanium weaponry, black with white outline sailboat
  • Neutral rep

Second file:

  • 50-50 Warlock
  • Shadow, Wind
  • Radius, Knocking Fist
  • Full arcanium weaponry, black with white outline ketch
  • Neutral rep

Third file:

  • 34-33-33 Savant (magic bias, no hp stat)
  • Sunlight, Shadow
  • Knocking Fist, Radius?
  • Dual Swords, Bow, Claws
  • Full arcanium weaponry, black with white outline sailboat
  • Neutral rep

Fourth file:

  • 50-50 Paladin
  • Normal Ice, Cold Wind
  • Full arcanium weaponry but with a steel ram or similar, pale blue with white outline frigate
  • Friendly rep

Fifth file:

  • 100 Mage
  • Fire, nova plasma, fire
  • Full arcanium weaponry, black with red outline ketch
  • Unfriendly rep

Sixth file:

  • 100 weapon
  • Greatsword, Knife, Gun
  • Normal, grey and white ketch
  • Neutral rep

When Megan Water doesn’t use
water :frcryin:

Explosion = Heatbased water but better

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Pfff go claws as a weapon and you got your hidden blade lol