What will we do if wax comes back

The forum worships him like a god so what happens when they see their god.

probably nothing
someone might say welcome back or whatever but thats it

don’t make a bunch of low effort posts like this pls

im sorry but who is wax

how dare you say you do not know him
you know you know wax, hes everywhere and nowhere at the same time
hes omnipotent, omniversal and inmortal

either “a sticky yellowish moldable substance secreted by honeybees as the material of honeycomb” or @WAX

WAX has low IQ haha what he gonna do? HUNT ME?

He left you all to rot, he abandoned you …

I personally believe wax has taken a new form but he’s still here. I’d be more careful with what I say here if I were you.

I’m fine. @WAX will never show his true form.

I’m really sorry but I have no freaking idea whatsoever who “wax” is.

we stan WAX in this house :100:


What? I don’t get it.

then leave

dont u remember that one time he did come back?

yes i know who he is but what makes him special

WAX World News

ah ok thanks

I know what I would do. Write a sequel to my magnum opus:

Oh yeah, the whole thing with Tron
the whole “Surprise Necromancy” thing.