What will your clan do?

I mean, will you have a clan that would, I dont know, be assassins for hire? Maybe a guild of skilled alchemists that run some sort of business, possibly a clan of merchants who have the only purpose of getting rich of suckers. I think that there are very creative people that will have some ideas that I would like to see.


wars too sometimes idk

I personally would like to have a guild of alchemists that sell rare potions.

shitpost and be bad at the game

we will be bard people

oh yeah we’ll also make drugs

Nothing, because it doesn’t exist


cry about our feelings and draw dicks in the sand

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we just do whatever

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Have less and less people that become more and more skilled in fighting, build a very large port since some of us are very goood traders, have a secret council and an even more secretive andf mysterious trio of overlords, create multiple divisions with badass uniforms, cool names and different purposes, two of the divisions be hired as mercenaries in battles or as assassins, slowly expand our area of influence, our exonomy, but most importantly… our power, in order to take over the world.

Jk, that’s my imaginary guild, that I would create if I was not so lazy, which I however plan to have in some comic or bunch of stories as the prominent empire in A.O.

Our true guild’s purpose will be to just roam about, build multiple small bases, and do as we please, by gaining and giving more and more freedom.

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A merchant guild which bases everything on business and not reputation. They accept all and train all and help people get good at pvp and help them start a business with the guild.

Would trade around many things, such as things from professions and stat build items (and at higher rankings, trades containing lost magics and ancient magics, and the equivalents of such for other stats)

Maybe also have hireable assassins and bounty hunters for funny hunting down people and extra business

And as i finished typing that I take full note how it would never happen

why tf do random people think guilds are into roleplaying “we are banking guild” “we are dark guild”. Most guilds aren’t into roleplaying it’s just the small 10 year old roblox players who roleplay.

Also @liu you should move this to #guilds

Thank you for your input, and I just moved it to the guilds topic.


Literally just own as much shit as we can.

And try and recreate manos meat solutions in the game as well.


for a second I thought you were drama

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