What would a headless be worth currently?

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shouldnt this be in trading discussion?
anyways a headless rn is worth a clean/swift sunken sword but people like to overpay for em with strong sunken swords

People don’t value a headless too much, I really don’t suggest trading one for another item as you will never get another one again. Even if you have multiple, you’ll often have at best a good enough item that will become totally irrelevant in an update or two while the value of seasonal items will have greatly raised by then

its tied for the 2nd most valuable item only behind a strong sunken sword wdym?

but for the rest ye i agree with you. Unless you can turn the short term profit you get out of the headless into long term profit (2headlesses for example)

i have a headless and i will never sell it forever because i will never be able to get the item again
this thought process applies to every single seasonal item i own

As in people try to steal them from others all the time and make it seem like it has no value

For example, new members ask for something as common as a wizard torso and there’s like 5 people asking “yo got headless???”
Super annoying

Also I meant not that much for something that most players only have one of if at all and that they will never obtain again. I understand how it’s just vanity but we should focus a bit more on the long term.

I have zero idea why a cosmetic item is so valuable to the point of being something as valuable as a weapon that affects gameplay. Even if it’s extremely rare.


People want it because it is valuable. It is valuable because people want it. That is the circular logic of rare item values.

when vetex adds guns that can headshot, would that make headless also have a small tactical advantage instead of just a swag advantage?

for flexing purposes of course, what else

you dont want something thats extremely rare? it will only get rarer over time making it more valuable.
The only reason the sunken sword is so valuable rn is cuz its so rare, its not even that useful.

probably not

you couldnt be more correct holy. Those people annoy me a lot aswell.

i dont quite understand the last part of what youre saying tho. Do you mean that most people shouldnt trade it away cuz they wont be able to get another one or make profit?

I got my 7th one today wdym you wont get another one again

yea it’s pretty easy to get headlesses from people in servers who don’t know it’s worth. I simply just ask them if they have a headless or not, and ask them what they want for it. Most of the time they want me to underpay :fr:

how many of those headless heads have your name though :sunglasses:
yeah i know you can just get a headless head on different slots on the same account but thats boring so i only have 1 :sob:

I got 1 with my name that I’ll never trade away, then others are up for trade

i have 4 Headless

None of them have my name xd

imagine not having a headless with your name while having other headlesses without your name :sunglasses: