What would anyone trade their Hard wizard legs?

I’m not good at trading, so I’m willing to accept any (somewhat reasonable) offers. Anyone?

you could offer other meta gear like other hard wizard gear, powerful wizard gear, a hard/powerful power amulet or a hard/powerful defense amulet

otherwise boss drops if you want to overpay for a single meta piece (overpaying will make it more likely that someone wants to trade with you tho since most people arent really willing to hop on wom for a fair trade like the ones i mentioned above, but thats up to you)

atleast im assuming youre offering for hard wizard pants and not actually trading those away


I agree with Nuclear on this. Other meta gear or maybe seasonals (very dependent on who you offer to) would be your best bet for a “fair” trade but if you really need it then I’d offer some minotaur stuff, maybe Minotaur boots or helmet.

Since you’re probably new at trading don’t try offering crowns (at least on the forums). All I gotta say :nod:

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yeah, i know crowns are worthless because people exploit twitter codes.

Yeah, trouble is, noone in game has them for trades, which is why im asking the forum. I am fully willing to trade my mino boots for them bc mino gear, excluding the axe is useless imo

whoa new guy with sense…
also complete ur forum profile

try offering crowns in game. There are lots of players who value crowns. Be patient, join different servers, check each player’s inventory and you’ll eventually get it

for one item, a mino piece or two
i dont like trading meta set items for other meta set items

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