What would be the lvls for the boss that we encounter?

I want to know what the lvl the boss that we fight?
I know that calvus is lvl 345 which was found by aimsell when he made his video about calvus vs kai.
The way we would find a bosss lvl is by the moves they use but there is a problem. Those bosses got their own special moves which use players dont have acess to and we have no idea wat their stat requirement for them.
The only boss who got special moves are, Carina, Argo and Maria due to her water tentacle move.
We can try to findout the other npcs like Eluis.
There are is a npc in Sailor`s lodge and his name is Steleus who has the powerful title.
In the wiki, the visual tier shows that the stat requirement for powerful is 1000 so divide that by 2 and he would be lvl 500. He would be the strongest npc we know so far though he could be weaker due to old age.

Wait what? I swear ive seen somewhere that its 500

Calvus is a savant

elius is probably level 90 - 150
he has the lightning beam, but can also use imbued attacks (kind of) and he has aura

maria would probably be around level 250-300 because she uses her weapons which are quite high level, and she’s a conjurer, which probably roughly splits her stat points in half, since she uses both magic and weapons quite often