What would happen if

What if you used a lost magic scroll already having a lost magic?Would you replace it with another one or would you come out a table of you already have a lost magic?

pretty sure you would get a prompt asking you if you would like to replace your lost magic

you would lose the option to have a primordial magic.

but i’m assuming you mean if you got 2 lost magics already then it would either do nothing or allow you to replace one of the lost magics you have

idk man

im pretty sure that it would do nothing and give you a message like “You already have lost magic”
Since i’m sure that you can’t have two lost magics. but who knows

You can have 2 lost magic at max

1 primordial at max

You can’t have 2 lost magics and a primordial


prob waves and gravity

ping to vetex?
  • yes
  • no

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If you already have 2 it just probably give a a promt, considering if lost magic work like base magic then we wouldnt be able to replace them

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Bruh everyone already knows the answer here

You put yes didn’t you

I put no

Sure you did…

clever, can’t be warned for telling someone to break the rules if it’s anonymous

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