What Would Make WOM better? What do you hate about WOM? What do you love about it?

Just opening a discussion panel where people can talk about what the like and don’t like about WOM, including its game-play, community, moderation, whatever.
What features would you like to see added? What should the official guild hub be like?

speed up the addition of stuff in the features category of the trello

the core game mechanics should be added faster


i said it multiple times.
they need to nerf sunken iron/minotaur/exiled drops.

and they also need to nerf the exiled himself.
like, im not a bad rep.
but from what ive seen, in the forum and the game, its bad.
they also need to nerf him.


Make WoM Better? Fix up some issues with combat such as speed and customization
Hate? How slow paced the game and combat can be.
Love? NPCs having their own unique dialog, reacting to players, etc.

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What would make it better: More variety in combat. Magic weapons, more armors/weapons, more varied NPCs to fight, etc. Also more engaging PvE stuff.
What I hate: High jumping. For various reasons
What I love: The world, just as a whole.

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make better: less grind in game/doing anything repetitive just to get by. game needs more flow
love: myself
hate: combat being client sided

I think WoM is 90% perfect as of right now. I know everyone complains about the rng aspect of the game, but it really hasn’t been a problem for me. Either that or I’m just really lucky.

One of the two things I don’t like about WoM is how unfun bad rep can be sometimes, and paired with the new criminal record system, inescapable. You can’t buy from shops easily. You get ganked by wannabe heros occasionally. Quests for low level bad reps are nearly nonexistent. Captains are cancer to deal with if you’re not maxed out. I know this will most likely improve in the future though, as Vetex has hinted at before.

The other thing I don’t enjoy about WoM is how static and rigid the meta is. Power and defense just trumps every other stat, leaving the “fun” builds completely worthless in a real pvp situation. Along with everyone having the same exact movesets. You have the classic max size blast for regular damage, the small triple/ double blast for punishing, the beam/ self explosion for finishing off runners. It’s just so stale facing the same exact tricks and strategies in pvp all the time.

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Make it better: More diversity in biomes (already planned but still, would make the game 999x better)

Love: NPC’s not being statues, boss fights, watching the minotaur wreck havoc on a town and fight the MC. Police Actually Do Their Job (take that AG) World is pretty.

Hate: RNG (not so much the grind, just the RNG) and this is coming from someone who played dungeon quest and swordburst 2. Also being evil is impossible (hard to even shop).