What would you do as a max leveled character?

Give me your thoughts on what you will always do when you are using max leveled character! Either way, its common for you to grind another character torwards max level, or grind for items in chests that you wanted. I always run around and grind certain spots of the map for items and crowns, and hope to get the item wanted at its right enchantment.

Personally, I either;

a) Level up the other 2 slots
b Grind chests for items and crowns

Grinding chests is actually surprisingly ful, ngl.

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I just try to find enough money to enchant stuff. When I run out of stuff to enchant, I search for chests/items to fill out my build.

i go look for a fight, when i find a player i kill them, and start spamming ez in chat, they ragequit and it’s all victory.