What would you like to see if WoM ever popped up again?

It seems that Magius is still a thing in the Arcane universe, so the possibility of WoM being a game is not entirely impossible. What would you like to see if WoM was ever put back on the table?

I’d certainly wish for a maid cafe

quest board


Why doe?

finding npcs is painful
a nice location to just get a quest and go

plus they can just die and no more quest

Ahh, make sense I guess

Make town Npc’s like in AO and AA. So they don’t lag everything.
Make some Towns and houses smaller due to the fact they feel too big. Maybe smaller houses but the towns stay the same size to give some a more “city” feel like the world is finally urbanizing.
Farms, like seriously not a SINGLE farm anywhere. Replace some towns with farms like seriously where do people get food?
Better forests by just making them smaller.
Have boss areas with set locations such as a Bandit Bastion or Stronghold. But not be able to be near it until you’re a certain level or not have enough incentive to go there.

I don’t think they eat, they just drink

They actually do eat confirmed by vetex himself actually.

“Eating these nuts”


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